Lighter SKORO

WOOCS 1.2.3

Gasoline lighter SKORO – a terrific device for travelers! A lot of functions, the thoughtfulness of every detail, the highest quality materials – in short, everything that is inherent in every product from the company SKORO!
The lighter consists of 4 hermetically sealed parts. The upper conical part of the cap can serve as a cullet, the hole in the cap is suitable for attaching the lighter with a cord, ring or carabiner. Windproof and wheel holder SKORO lighters are designed so that it can be used in gloves or mittens. This lighter can be ignited by chirping a wheel on the arm or leg, as well as other objects.
At the bottom of the SKORO lighter body is the neck of the tank with a felt seal and cotton wool filler of high quality, where fuel is poured. There is also a bolt with a spring and a brass stand for flint, having unscrewed which you can easily change the flint. The hermetically sealed compartment for the NAZ is filled by the owner himself, depending on the task.

Duration of work: when refueling 10-12 ml of fuel – 14-20 days, depending on the weather conditions.
Fuel: high-octane gasoline or other volatile fuel, which ignites upon evaporation.
Materials: aviation aluminum, brass, titanium.
Operating temperatures: -40C to + 60C.
Included: flat screwdriver, etc.
All original designs used in the SKORO lighter have patents for utility model and industrial design and are protected by copyright.


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