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Black silk-screened T-shirt.T-shirt composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane...
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Lightweight and neat, this little assistant helps you organize your credit or discount cards. You can carry it in your shirt pocket, take it with you to the gym, or even hide it in your sock. A leather wallet from SKORO is easy to find in a bag or backpack pocket. We offer a choice of three colors: ..
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The belt strap is made of polyester fibers, 50 mm breaking load:1500 kg. Buckle 50 mm, two-way adjustment, curved shape, breaking load:108,3 kg. The belt strap is made of polyester fibers 25 mm breaking load:: 1000 kg. Belt adjuster 25 mm quick-fit, 4m, with cord hole, acetal material,  breakin..
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Titanium Tag Titanium Tag
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The analogue of a military tag that can be useful in extreme situations. A titanium tag is used to provide important information about yourself, for example, full name , date of birth, blood type or possible diabetes, allergies or any other information. You can apply any text on it with laser. It i..
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