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The backpack is made of high quality fireproof 500 Cordura.The molle system is stitched with a bartack from a certified belt strip 25mm, 1.2mm thick, ..
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Specifications BugPack Compression BackpackThe main material of BugPaka is polyurethane 500 Cordura.Hermo cover is made of special fabric Polyjordan (..
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Incredible combination of comfort and practicality. The most universal sleeping bag ever. It can be unzipped in any side. Due to unique layers, this s..
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The protective vapor-proof suit is designed to protect against dust, moisture, dirt, aerosols and insects. It is steady against aggressive substances..
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The costume is designed to protect against various types of mosquitoes and ticks. The design of the Hit.Mosquit suit allows you to use it as ordinary..
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Going by  bike to the country, going fishing, or arranging a day trip with a light backpack, you can get into situation when weather changes sudd..
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You can use Smart Suit Transformer Somnambula as casual clothing, wear it while travelling around the world or backpacking, fishing and hunting. Somna..
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Universal thermal cape "Termoshel"ThermoShell keeps your body temperature as comfortable as possible whatever it is cold or hot. Its multifunctionalit..
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Somnambula is comfortable transformer clothing for traveling around the world. It looks stylish in an urban environment and has no direct analogues. W..
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Scarf-x is convenient to wear at work and while travelling. It is perfect for relaxation at home and doing active sports oudoor. Its versatility is al..
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Pulseheater are a beautiful and warm supplement to the set with Somnambula or Scarf-x. At the same time it is an independent and multifunctional acces..
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The original design of Hobo titanium wood stove allows you to concentrate heat, strengthen and protect the fire against wind, using the minimal amount..
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Brand: SKORO
Тitanium-hookA set of two prefabricated parts.Application1. Lifting from hard-to-reach places of various objects, loads, fixing at depth in order to e..
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The belt strap is made of polyester fibers, 50 mm breaking load:1500 kg. Buckle 50 mm, two-way adjustment, curved shape, breaking load:108,3 kg. The b..
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The analogue of a military tag that can be useful in extreme situations. A titanium tag is used to provide important information about yourself, for ..
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Insulating liner for winter option of sleeping bag. The insulation is made of TERMOLOFT, the innovative fiber that has excellent thermal insulation p..
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Lightweight and neat, this little assistant helps you organize your credit or discount cards. You can carry it in your shirt pocket, take it with you ..
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