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SKORO is a brand of multifunctional tourist equipment founded by traveler and inventor Gleb Skorobogatov. We offer a wide range of products that are easily transformable and adaptable to various tasks, including backpack, sleeping bag, transformer suit, shelter, knife, rescue system, bag, trunk, thermo-blanket, protective suits, tents, hammocks, stove, and other unique goods. We can also customize our equipment to fit your individual needs. Trust SKORO for a comfortable and safe journey.

SKORO, you'll be ready!


Project "Zig-Zag": From Idea to ImplementationThe idea of creating an expedition knife with high adaptability to various conditions and tasks has been..
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intersection of the tape there is an additional element in the form of a rubber band.The Cartis system can be a convenient organizer for placing you..
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The MEGALODON knife is made of high-quality N690 steel - stainless alloy steel from the Swedish-Austrian concern Bohler-Uddeholm.This steel allows yo..
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A unique and multifunctional poncho that will become your reliable companion in various conditions!You can use it as a shelter from rain, snow, and s..
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An emergency and compact shelter from any bad weather.It doesn't matter where the weather has caught you - urban, field, forest, forest plantation or..
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Meet the Baul - a large travel bag that will help you quickly and conveniently transport a large amount of items. Its reinforced bottom with an additi..
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Our SKORO.Life transport bags are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a versatile and reliable way to transport their belongings. Whether you're..
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This modern transformer backpack is perfect for both travel and everyday city life. It can be worn on the back, on the chest, and as a shoulder bag.Th..
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Specifications BugPack Compression BackpackThe main material of BugPaka is polyurethane 500 Cordura.Hermo cover is made of special fabric Polyjordan (..
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Backpack "BUGZAK" Backpack "BUGZAK"
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The backpack is made of high quality fireproof 500 Cordura.The molle system is stitched with a bartack from a certified belt strip 25mm, 1.2mm thick, ..
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Incredible combination of comfort and practicality. The most universal sleeping bag ever. It can be unzipped in any side. Due to unique layers, this s..
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Protection against gnats and ticks? No problem! With the Hit.Mosquit suit, you'll be safe no matter where you go. This versatile suit not only provide..
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The "Hit-Defender" suit is an indispensable assistant in protecting against dust, rain, dirt, aerosols, and insects. It is resistant to aggressive s..
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Introducing SKORO Shelter - a universal shelter that will come in handy for any trip or hike. Unexpected weather changes can be an unpleasant surprise..
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Universal ThermoShell: Your Reliable Companion in Any Adventure!Forget about noisy and impractical rescue blankets that promise warmth but leave you a..
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The unique transformer suit "Somnambula" embodies the modern, rational person's dream of practical, versatile clothing and gear. You can turn your Som..
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Somnambula is a unique transformer clothing designed for modern, practical, and fashionable women who value comfort and compactness in their wardrobe...
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"Sharfiks is not just a scarf, it's a multifunctional accessory that will become your best friend in any situation. You never knew how many things you..
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Do you want a reliable and efficient source of fire in any conditions? We present to you the Hobo titanium stove - an innovative design that provide..
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Brand: SKORO
Introducing the Titan Cat - an incredibly versatile set of two modular parts that will become an indispensable tool for lifting and securing various l..
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Metal cat is painted with special powder paintWeight 155 grams.A SET OF TWO PREFABRICATED PARTS.Application1. Lifting from hard-to-reach places of var..
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The belt strap is made of polyester fibers, 50 mm breaking load:1500 kg. Buckle 50 mm, two-way adjustment, curved shape, breaking load:108,3 kg. The b..
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Insulating liner for winter option of sleeping bag. The insulation is made of Hollowsoft, the innovative fiber that has excellent thermal insula..
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