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Specifications BugPack Compression BackpackThe main material of BugPaka is polyurethane 500 Cordura.Hermo cover is made of special fabric Polyjordan (South Korea), canvas with polyurethane impregnation. This material is absolutely waterproof and airtight in two directions. The composition of the fab..
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The backpack is made of high quality fireproof 500 Cordura.The molle system is stitched with a bartack from a certified belt strip 25mm, 1.2mm thick, breaking load 700 kg.The shoulder straps and the belt of the backpack are made of a belt tape - sleeves 40mm wide, 1.9mm thick, with a breaking load o..
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The costume is designed to protect against various types of mosquitoes and ticks. The design of the Hit.Mosquit suit allows you to use it as ordinary clothing in urban environments.The costume is made of a special fabric with a scaly structure, which does not emit sounds, does not have chemical imp..
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Incredible combination of comfort and practicality. The most universal sleeping bag ever. It can be unzipped in any side. Due to unique layers, this sleeping bag provides your body with warmth immediately, and being well designed it allows you to enjoy its multifunctionality and usability. Its botto..
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The protective vapor-proof suit is designed to protect against dust, moisture, dirt, aerosols and insects. It is steady against aggressive substances, for example – paints, varnishes, etc. The protective vapor-proof suit is designed to protect against dust, moisture, dirt, aerosols and insects. It..
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Universal thermal cape "Termoshel"ThermoShell keeps your body temperature as comfortable as possible whatever it is cold or hot. Its multifunctionality is useful while backpacking. Do you know what a life blanket is? Such a terribly noisy foil that heats for 5 minutes, and then begins to soar? Forg..
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Brand: SKORO
Тitanium-hookA set of two prefabricated parts.Application1. Lifting from hard-to-reach places of various objects, loads, fixing at depth in order to establish tension.2. Throwing and fastening in a hard-to-reach place, followed by placing the load in order to: tension, lift - lower the load, create ..
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Going by  bike to the country, going fishing, or arranging a day trip with a light backpack, you can get into situation when weather changes suddenly . It starts to snow or  to rain. You need a shelter to hide and wait for good weather , put your gear in order, warm up or just relax. It ta..
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The original design of Hobo titanium wood stove allows you to concentrate heat, strengthen and protect the fire against wind, using the minimal amount of fuel. The fire concentrator is a light and durable Hobo stove made of a twisted titanium plate and a system of openings for air flow. This is an ..
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Insulating liner for winter option of sleeping bag. The insulation is made of TERMOLOFT, the innovative fiber that has excellent thermal insulation properties, high recoverability, incredible softness. Two Insulations compose a complete set. The price is indicated for one item. Element of the modu..
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