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Meet the Baul - a large travel bag that will help you quickly and conveniently transport a large amount of items. Its reinforced bottom with an additional pocket provides reliable protection for your belongings during transport.

The Baul is made of durable sand-colored cordura, which makes it reliable and long-lasting. Thanks to adjustable shoulder straps, it can be comfortably carried on your back, which is especially convenient for long trips.

The use of a polyamide strap sewn with reinforced stitching allows for high strength and reliability of the Baul's construction. And the fastex-based closure provides easy access to your items while ensuring their safe storage.

The Baul bag weighs only 590 grams, yet has a capacity of 80 liters. This is the perfect solution for travel, sports events, hiking, and any other situations where you need to quickly and conveniently transport a lot of items.

We hope our brief overview helped you understand which Baul is right for you. Be confident that this product will be an excellent choice that will serve you for many years.

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