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Lightweight and neat, this little assistant helps you organize your credit or discount cards. You can carry it in your shirt pocket, take it with you to the gym, or even hide it in your sock. A leather wallet from SKORO is easy to find in a bag or backpack pocket. We offer a choice of three colors: black, green, and red – for fans of Feng Shui.

Simple – but not easy! The original small leather wallet allows you to reach the contents with one hand – money or plastic cards. The secret is in the seams, but otherwise everything is really very simple. Manual stitching, Italian leather. If you know how – sew yourself. If you want a ready-made wallet – order from us.

Material Italian leather
Dimensions width 7 cm (2,76 in) , length 10 cm (3,93 in)
Weight 0.015 kg

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