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Baul - a large travel bag-bagIt has one large compartment and is designed to quickly carry a large number of things.Has a reinforced bottom with an additional pocketMade from durable sand-coloured carduraFits comfortably on your back with adjustable shoulder strapsA polyamide sling sewn with a reinf..
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intersection of the tape there is an additional element in the form of a rubber band.The Sartis system can be a convenient organizer for placing your equipment, which can be placed on a tree or on the wall - everything will be at hand and quickly accessible.When moving in a vehicle, the Sartis sy..
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The backpack can be placed both on the back and on the chest. In the form of a shoulder bag.Having fastened the fastexes crosswise, the backpack is conveniently located on the chest.The backpack is designed to carry the most necessary things that will always be at hand.It can be used as a backup bac..
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Our transport bag is the perfect choice for travelers and sports enthusiasts looking for a versatile and reliable way to store and transport their belongings.Made of durable sand-colored cordura, our bag allows you to perfectly combine style and practicality. And if you want even more variety, we al..
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Black silk-screened T-shirt.T-shirt composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane...
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The backpack is made of high quality fireproof 500 Cordura.The molle system is stitched with a bartack from a certified belt strip 25mm, 1.2mm thick, breaking load 700 kg.The shoulder straps and the belt of the backpack are made of a belt tape - sleeves 40mm wide, 1.9mm thick, with a breaking load o..
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Specifications BugPack Compression BackpackThe main material of BugPaka is polyurethane 500 Cordura.Hermo cover is made of special fabric Polyjordan (South Korea), canvas with polyurethane impregnation. This material is absolutely waterproof and airtight in two directions. The composition of the fab..
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The MEGALODON knife is made of high-quality N690 steel - stainless alloy steel from the Swedish-Austrian concern Bohler-Uddeholm.This steel allows you to use the knife in difficult and extreme conditions.The main task of this knife is to be always at hand with its owner and help him in solving pr..
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Protection against gnats and ticks? No problem! With the Hit.Mosquit suit, you'll be safe no matter where you go. This versatile suit not only provides protection, but is also stylish and practical clothing that can be worn in any conditions - whether it's the hustle and bustle of the city or relaxa..
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An emergency and compact shelter from any bad weather.It doesn't matter where the weather has caught you - urban, field, forest, forest plantation or mountains.It takes only 5 seconds to turn Shelter.Rubberized fabric withstands water pressure and is not afraid of aggressive environments such as s..
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A unique and multifunctional poncho that will become your reliable companion in various conditions!You can use it as a shelter from rain, snow, and sun, as well as a tent for protecting your car. The poncho can also be used as a starting point for organizing a shower or as a windscreen during a h..
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Incredible combination of comfort and practicality. The most universal sleeping bag ever. It can be unzipped in any side. Due to unique layers, this sleeping bag provides your body with warmth immediately, and being well designed it allows you to enjoy its multifunctionality and usability. Its botto..
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