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Gleb Skorobogatov

My name is Gleb Skorobogatov. For over 20 years I have been into extreme tourism working on gear development and adaptation skills.My name is Gleb Skorobogatov. For over 20 years I have been into extreme tourism working on gear development. I take responsibility for myself, my health, my life and all the challenges I face in my trips. Active leisure is a lifestyle, and successful adaptation to environmental conditions is a vital necessity. I develop hybrid products, and its innovative multitasking features allow coping with different problems successfully. Each SKORO product is thoroughly developed and carefully tested by me and my team. High quality, innovation and wide functionality in every item – that is always valued by people with the “traveller gene” which calls to meet adventures.

Traveling around the world or hiking with a backpack, fishing or hunting, strolling around the city or having fun at festival parties, camping with the family or being engaged in extreme tourism – each of us has his/her own adventures. The brand SKORO and our products are made to make any of your trips more comfortable, warmer, and safer.


Our products
 innovative and multifunctional

Evolutionary development of clothing, gear, equipment and accessories is based on many years’ practice and usage under extreme conditions. Every SKORO product is a result of labor-consuming development and long testing. SKORO products are made of the best world’s materials and the ones patented by our company. SKORO products are the example of individual hand-made manufacturing and quality assurance.

Stabilised acrylic fiber
Transformer clothing which is a seamless knitted tube can be used under harsh operating conditions. It has 15 transformation options for men and 40 options for women.
Stabilised acrylic fiber
Scarf-x is made of seamless texture which is hypoallergenic, stain resistant and easy to wash. It dries quickly, does not lose its shape and has excellent recovery. Scarf-x provides more than 10 transformation options.
Capsule sleeping bag
Basis of modular shelter system used in extreme environments
Capsule sleeping bag has unique inner layers and high-quality insulation, special zipper and four sliders, functional loops and a strong tightening elastic band, additional liners and nets.
Thermo-cloak is made of aluminised fabric
Thin and light aluminised fabric allow you to see objects behind it distinctly. It is reusable, breathable and easy to clean. It is sewn around the perimeter and eyelets are added. It has more than 15 transformation options


All SKORO products created by our experts are manufactured on individual demands. We know how to create positive emotional experience with our products.


We purchase the best materials. We use 100% merino yarn by Lanna Gatto (Italy) that is famous for its experience, traditions, innovations and high quality yarn. Vernitas (Lithuanian) stabilized acrylic yarn is hypoallergenic, wear-resistant and soft, can dry quickly and is easy to stretch but it doesn’t lose its shape. Fastening products by YKK (Japan), that is the world leader, are the example of high-quality standards, great experience and cutting-edge technologies. Alterfil (Germany) high-quality threads are double twisted and have great tensile strength. Buttons are reliable as they are made of ABC plastic with a stainless core.