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Sleeping bag insulation

Sleeping bag insulation
Sleeping bag insulation
Sleeping bag insulation
Sleeping bag insulation
Sleeping bag insulation
Sleeping bag insulation
Sleeping bag insulation
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Insulating liner for winter option of sleeping bag. The insulation is made of Hollowsoft, the innovative fiber that has excellent thermal insulation properties, high recoverability, incredible softness. Two Insulations compose a complete set. The price is indicated for one item.

Element of the modular system of extreme shelter. Insulating liners for sleeping bag help transform it into a winter sleeping bag. There are two insulations, if fully equipped, one for the hood and one for the food side of the sleeping bag. With the help of eight convenient mounts Insulation can be easily attached to a sleeping bag. It is made of super-warm fiber Hollowsoft active 300. Insulation of a new generation is designed to maintain the maximum amount of warmth with minimum weight. Hollowsoft has a high recovery rate. It straightens immediately after removing the pressure from the pressure zone, restoring the original volume, saving the maximum amount of warm air in the middle of the Insulation. Polymer fiber has a very low thermal conductivity, which makes it not possible to lose warmth from the surface of the Insulation, even when it is compressed. Soft and comfortable, ultra-light fabric with high thermal resistance.   Choose the same size insulator dimensions as those of your  sleeping bag.   It is possible to order an Insulation for your  sleeping bag of different fabric and the sizes you need.


Insulation should be stored in expanded form in a sleeping bag or outside a sleeping bag. It can be washed in a washing machine at temperatures up to 40°C, a slight spin.

Weight of one from 600 grams (1.3 lb) depending on the size
Длина 200 см (79 in), 215 см (85 in), 230 см (90 in)
Цвет creamy
Ширина 80 см (31 in), 90 см (35 in), 100 см (39 in)
Material TERMOLOFT fiber
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 15 cm
Weight 0.800 kg

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